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News from the Emmentaler Show dairy

We're reconstructing!

The Emmentaler cheese factory in numbers:

Open 365 days a year,
around 300,000 guests a year from around the world,
2,000 groups per year,
around 80 employees, including 40 full-time employees,
in operation since 1990 ...

... and now we are reconstructing for you!

The current production is already almost 30 years old. High time to adapt to the changed requirements! We create a new visitor experience that will delight the guests.

New: Spectacular visitor tour as a modern staging. In the walk-in multilingual show of the Emmentaler show dairy, we tell a deep story of people who have to work their success against resistance and get it together despite obstacles. At the same time, exciting knowledge is conveyed around the Emmentaler AOP.

In addition to the new show, the gastronomy and production of the Emmentaler AOP will be rebuilt. The Emmentaler AOP production will continue to be inspected centrally from the shop and, with the new machines, will provide even more insight into the craft of the cheese maker.

For this reason, between June 2018 and spring 2019, various alterations will be carried out on the grounds of the Emmentaler cheese dairy. For organizational reasons some rooms are not accessible. We will gladly inform you by phone, e-mail or via our website about the status of the work. Some activities and offers will be temporarily limited experience. Inform yourself on the website under the respective offers.

We hope for your understanding and look forward to the moment when we can present you the innovations of the Emmentaler show dairy!

Stay tuned... ;-)