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Emmentaler AOP

Probably the most famous cheese in the world is made here

In the main building of the Emmentaler show dairy, we produce the unique Emmentaler AOP several times a day from the high-quality raw milk of the region. Take the opportunity to look over the shoulders of the Emmentaler AOP cheese makers.



We are currently compensating for an overproduction from 2022 until the end of April 2023. From 1 May, we will again produce Emmentaler AOP twice a day in the morning and in the afternoon as usual. Until then, you can watch the curd being filled into the press (moulds) every day at 3:10 pm

On most Sundays at 4 pm, you can watch a loaf of Emmentaler AOP being lifted out of the large vat by hand in the traditional way. As in the past, this requires a large cloth and a lot of muscle power. Please call or email in advance to find out if the traditional craft will be on display.


The entrance is free. You can see from the store directly into the production.

Buy Emmentaler AOP

In the cheese store of the show dairy we offer you a variety of Emmentaler AOP in different degrees of maturity. Let our staff advise you and enjoy the characteristics of the king of cheeses.

More about Emmentaler AOP, its unique taste, recipes and much more at emmentaler.ch

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