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Cheese store

The paradise for cheese lovers

Every day, we process around 10,000 liters of first-class Emmental raw milk in the Emmental show dairy. In addition to the popular Emmentaler AOP, this high-quality raw material is also used to make our own fine products.

Cheese specialties

Emmental PDO

Emmentaler AOP is our passion. For this reason we offer you the largest selection of different maturation degrees with among others:

Emmentaler AOP Classic

matured for at least 4 months

Emmentaler AOP Réserve

matured for at least 8 months

Emmentaler AOP Extra

matured for at least 12 months

Emmentaler AOP Le Roi 24 Mt.

matured for at least 24 months
Be there live at the Emmentaler production.

Emmentaler AOP Keile
Emmentaler AOP Keile

Stöckli cheese

Stöckli cheese is the best proof that old traditions and recipes are still popular today. The cheese wheel, which weighs around 8 kg, is something very special. It is made with a lot of skill and sensitivity over the open fire in the Stöckli, which dates back to 1741. After about 2 hours of pure manual work this exclusive speciality is created. The Stöckli cheese is available in three different degrees of maturity between 4-8 months.
Unforgettable experience: make your own Stöckli cheese.



Small but mighty! The about 1 kg heavy Mutschli "nature" are produced next to the Emmentaler AOP and experience a lot of care and attention during 4-5 maturation.


How to: Emmentaler AOP cutting instructions

Home products


From poor man's food to superfood!
Our homemade Ziger is a high quality product made from pasteurized whey. It has nothing to do with goat's milk. Ziger contains a lot of protein, few carbohydrates and hardly any fat. Whey proteins are also very easy to digest. So, Ziger always goes! - natural, sweet or salty as you like. Tip: We especially recommend the popular birnel with it.



Three different ready-made fondue house mixes await you in our refrigerated shelf.

"Schouchäsi Fondue".

Mild: the speciality from the show dairy made from Emmentaler AOP, Gruyère AOP, Appenzeller and Vacherin Fribourgeois AOP.

"Ämmitaler Ruschtig Fondue".

Spicy: with cheese exclusively from the region

"Stöckli Fondue"

Tasty: With handmade Stöckli cheese - made over an open fire with a lot of experience and love.

Senna drinks from whey

Whey is the liquid left over from cheese production. We use this for our Sennedrinks in the flavors Nature, Apple, Strawberry, Orange and Mango. A real refreshment!

Did you know? Whey contains considerable amounts of minerals, vitamins and protein and is therefore very healthy. The lactic acid in whey is also good for the intestinal flora.


Ice cream

Try our house glacé as sorbet or cream glacé from the classics vanilla and strawberry to the more exotic ones like coconut and white chocolate. Don't miss our Fior di Latte Glacé for that extra milky taste experience. In a small cup to enjoy directly or in a large container for the whole family.



Üse Schouchäsi-Anke: homemade in the Emmental show dairy with milk from the region and with an incomparable taste. The butter is formed and packaged by hand and you can watch live.

In the refrigerated section you will find two variants
Chäsi-Anke: butter heart, figures and breakfast portions.

Sirtenrahm-Anke: ideal for baking



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